Gudur main businesses are Lemon, Mica Aquaculture and Agriculture.

* Lemon

* Mica

* Aquaculture

* Agriculture

Gudur Lemon Business:
Lemon business is the most unbeaten business in the Gudur. Gudur lemon market is one of the big lemon markets in Andhra Pradesh. Lemon market located at Gudur 2 town on the way of Chennur. Gudur and the surrounding village’s formers are mostly prefers to forming Lemon Trees compare to rest. They export Lemons around the country and also to other countries.
Usually lemon sales are in two ways in Gudur, i.e Pieces and Bundles (contains more then 1000ps).
And when we talk about prices, it’s totally based on the season and demand. Its vary from day to day

Mica in Gudur:
Mica is the 2nd successful business in Gudur.
Mica Belts around Gudur considers as 2nd biggest in India. Mica belts covering nearly 1000sp. km around Gudur. The following are the types of Mica found in Gudur i.e. Quartz, Feldspar, Muscovite and Vermiculite.

Aquaculture in Gudur:
Aquaculture is also one of the successful business in Gudur,
There are many Prawn Ponds are located around Gudur. Usually two main types of prawn forms being done, those are Scampi and Tiger Prawns, water and weather in this area are suitable to mainly these two types.
Prawn exports around India and also some other countries from Gudur.

Gudur Business

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