On census 2001 of India, [1] Gudur, separation of Nellore had a population of 74851. Total The males constitute 50% of the population and the females 50%. Gudur has an average rate of elimination of illiteracy of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: the male instruction is 76%, and the female instruction is 63%. In Gudur, 11% of the population takes place below 6 years.

Gudur History

Gudur People are believed that Cholas constructed Alaganatha Swami temple. After that Gudur developed around this temple. Cholas, Kakatiyas, Golkonda Nawabs, Pallavas, Telugu Cholas, kings de Vijayanagara ordered this sector. The city is also included with the history of Venkatagiri kings (Yachendra family).


The railroad divides the city into two shares: East City is and Western city. Principal companies are concentrated in the city is. The Western city is mainly residential zones and is relatively new. Gudur 'real name of S were Gundluru - a name related to Gundu. Gundu in Telugu means that head and Uru tonsured mean the city. Gudur being the junction the most important one must visit the enroute with Tirupathi, the majority of the piligrims Tirupathi-energies are seen. Consequently the place was known with named Gundluru which was gradually transformed into Gudur.

There are two small seasonal rivers Pambaleru and ChallaKaluva in the city.

The mica belt around Gudur is considered 2nd the larger in the country. The mica layers are located in the Gudur cover of sector of 1000sq. km, the mandals of Rapur and Atmakur of the zone of Nellore. The type of muscovite, quartz, mica feldspar and vermiculite are found around this sector.

The Eastern zones of the city are often flooded in the rain season and people are difficulties of coating, thanks to the authorities without vision and not controlled flood of the fields by people. Gudur is surrounded by lemon trees. Thus, the lemon businesses became businesses most successful in Gudur. Lemons are exported towards almost all the parts of the countries and also exported towards other countries.

Gudur is also surrounded by good fields of agriculture and with exports of aquiculture (pink shrimp) worms various areas of India as well as of other countries